Stroimatic SGK-400

Stroimatic SGK-400


Model range of 2023 +30% power and performance, fully equipped.

High speed and impact energy allow for performing industrial volume of work, while improved ergonomics and reinforced components enable its operation in a 24/7 mode.

Main characteristics

Driven piles, section 150*150, 200*200, 250*250, 300*300
Length without leader section 6m
Engine QuanChai 2.5L (China) - Diesel, Kubota 2.5L (Japan) - Diesel
Basket lifting system Hydraulic
Pile lifting system Two hydraulic winches, lifting capacity up to 4000kg (lifting) and up to 950kg (pulling)
Hammer lifting mechanism Hydraulic vertical cylinder for top driving
Hammer weight, kg 1600
Hammer stroke, mm 1100
Hammer acceleration system Hydraulic
Maximum impact force 16 kJ
Outrigger stroke, mm 1100
Control Automatic controller (remote control) + Backup manual control
Pile positioner Universal roller (adjustable sight can be adjusted for driving piles of different sizes)
Option for working with pipes and large piles Larssen sheet pile bracket. Pipe hydraulic clamp. Hydraulic auger.
Hydraulic pump Galtech (Italy) + Argo Hytos (Czech Republic)
Frame construction Reinforced frame
Track Excavator type
Track parameters Width 300mm, steel with rubber coating
Rollers Hitachi steel rollers
Installation weight 4.2 tons
Dimensions with lowered boom (LWH mm) - transport position 7400*2300*2000
Dimensions with raised boom (LWH mm) - working position 3000*2300*7400
Satellite monitoring system Optional

Equipment is available for leasing

We have a wide list of leasing partners — you can easily find suitable conditions!

  • OOO "Petersburgsnab" independent universal leasing company
  • SGB Lizing
  • Siemens Finance
  • Ural Business Lizing

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